Muslim And Islam For Your Information Part 2

Today’s knowledge of muslims and islam is about HOW WE LIVE OUR DAYS.


We muslims live through the days by following the rules made by our God, Allah. As an outsider of islam, I won’t blame anyone reading this post if you have the thought of “WOW!! Tons of rules you got there, man!!”. Yeah, right. We do have many rules to obey. And I will share the rules in our daily life, also the explanation and logical reason why we muslim DO ACCEPT and OBEY THE RULES. Because it is human nature to question every single rules made for us, right? Even I, a muslim sometime broke the rules, too. Why? Because it is Islam? NO!! Because I am not a perfect person. I am not a perfect person, but ISLAM, the religion is a perfect religion. Thus I suggest you, me, we, and us not to blame and judge GENERALLY, but SPECIFICALLY.


OK, let’s move on to the rules. I don’t think I will be able to write down all the rules, because I think I might forget some.

  1. Pray everytime you do your work. We muslim always have to pray before doing something. WHY?? It is to protect us against evil, to remind us to our Allah, to be grateful for everything. Example: When we’re about to eat, we will first say “Bismillahirrohmanirrohim” not quite sure how to translate it to english since my english is not that good, but it is to say we are remembering The Merciful and Loving Allah, and then we pray “Allahumma baarik llanaa fiima razaqtanaa waqinaa adzaa ban-naar” and the translation “Oh, Allah, do bless us for everything we have given by You and save us from the torment in hell”. We always say “Bismillah”in our activity, and following “Bismillah”, we also have different prayer for different activity. The example above is only for we were about to eat. After eating, we also have to do prayer, too. AH!!! Almost forgot this!! Our Prophet Muhammad told us muslims to eat before we’re hungry, and to stop before we are full.
  2. Sadaqoh to everyone in need. Ehem, maybe you don’t know what is “Sadaqoh”. Okay, I’ll explain. Sadaqah means giving something for those in need. By GIVING SOMETHING it doesn’t mean you have to give money and things. In Islam, just a SMILE pure from your heart is already sadaqah. Because we muslim believe just by giving smile, it can make a change. People are sometimes living the burden alone, and smile could lightn up their life. Doing something like planting a tree for good intention is already a sadaqah. Every little good thing we do is sadaqah. Sadaqah teach us to live the day gratefully. Sadaqah teach us to live generously. Sadaqah teach us to care about our surrounding.
  3. Shalat everyday. What is “shalat”? Shalat is a form of worship to Allah. And do you know what? Non-muslim tend to interpret our Shalat movement as YOGA hahahaha… I got that a lot when I was doing a part time teaching, my students mostly a non-muslim and they keep asking me “Miss, what are you doing standing-sitting-standing?” hahahahaha… but if I have to tell you the truth, Shalat movement is first to come up before Yoga. And scientist also prove that Shalat movement is good for our health. WOW!!! Such a thing came up after centuries it was first introduced. I won’t explain the benefit of the movement because you can GOOGLE it hahahaha. FYI, when you search about the movement of Shalat, you’ll often find the one standing straight, but do you know what, in Islam, shalat movement is also flexible. For those who can’t stand due to a certain reason, they are allowed to shalat while sitting, or even by lying on the bed if they can’t move they’re body. There are many kinds of Shalat, but it is differentiated by 2. Shalat Wajib (a must) and Shalat Sunnah (not a must but it is better to do than not doing it). Example of Shalat Wajib: there are 5 kinds of Shalat Wajib.
    1. Shalat Subuh: The prayer before sun rise
    2. Shalat Dzuhur: Prayer when the sun is at it’s peak position from earth
    3. Shalat Ashar: Prayer when the afternoon almost end
    4. Shalat Magrib: Prayer when the sun already set
    5. Shalat Isya: Prayer when the night comes
  4. Then, greet your surrounding. By this, the rule means to told us that we have to take care of our relationship with surrounding. We are not allowed to ignore people more than 3 days. Why 3 days? I don’t know the exact reason, too. But I was told by my teacher that when people fight or have argument with each other, they tend to ignore each other like they’ve never known each other before. But in Islam, we have rules not to be angry to another person for more than 3 days. Our Ustadz (like Pastor) always told us many many times that anger will only ruin your life. When your angry, you tend to lose control of yourself, you can’t think straight, you can’t connect logic (I do agree with this explanation) therefore evil could easily control your action. That’s why when someone anger us, we should calm our mind first, then explain everything when we’re cool.
  5. Do not torture nature. Do you know what it means? We muslims were prohibited to do any torturing towards anime, plant, human, and nature created by Allah. You know what, this definition is to the extent where we muslims must kill animal (which we consume) on a certain spot from the animal’s body to prevent the animals from feeling like they are being tortured.
  6. Cleanliness is a part of faith of Islam. You  stay being like a dirt, and Allah will be mad at you. You keep your surrounding clean, help others clean, the Allah’s best prayer may always be with you.
  7. Respect opposite gender. As a woman, I have to respect man in many ways. Such as not luring him into my trap (you know what I mean, right? hahaha). Man is a strong creature, but they are weak against desire. And what does man truly desire? WOMAN. That’s why, we muslim and Islam belive that a strong nation start from it’s women. Because women is the first to create the bad or good generation as a mother. Man must also respect us woman by not harassing us. Man should put woman first before them (now that’s what I call a true gentleman hahahaha). Men have the responsibility of taking care of woman around him. Ah, also, because of this matter, in Islam we man and woman should not be alone except it is father and daughter or husband and wife. But when there are crowd I think it will be okay. Since satan keeps appearing especially when man and women alone and whisper human kind to do something we shouldn’t do, right?
  8. Never lie. Lie leads to destruction. That’s what Islam believe. We are not allowed to lie no matter how sweet lie is. We are not allowed to lie no matter how necessary lie is. We tell the truth. Even if truth hurts, even if truth lead our self to the end of our life. We won’t tell lie. Once you lie, you will keep lying for the rest of your life. And once lie were told, we won’t know when the lie will stop. Because no matter how long the road made in this Earth, people’s word are even longer they could make a planet out of it. And once your lie spread, you will reap what you saw in Hell.
  9. Respect your parents. That is a must I think in every social life. But in our religion, Islam, this rule was regulated before the social does. Our Prophet Muhammad told us to love our mother first, and again our mother, and again our mother, after that our father. Why? Do you really need me to explain? -_- alright, I’ll explain. Mother carried us 9 months long just to let us live in this world. Do you think carrying baby inside her stomach is as light weight as wind? NO!! Mother in this world will agree with this explanation I think. After that 9 months, what will happen? She has to gave birth to us, her baby. Do you know how painful the process is? I can’t even imagine how painful it is. Even a doctor told me that giving birth is so painful that a car accident patient with broken arms, legs, and ribs won’t be feeling. IMAGINE IT!!! T__T (Thank you mom for letting me see this beautiful world. And thank you Allah for giving me the chance to live in this world)
  10. Study, Learn. In Islam, Allah promise us that HUMAN WITH KNOWLEDGE will be placed higher than the one who doesn’t. Allah knows human is a nature who have brain to think. But what’s the use of thinking and making up excuses when you don’t have knowledge? What’s the point talking when you don’t have knowledge? Are you trying to spread lie? Nonsense?
  11. Do not be a SHOW-OFF. Be a show-off and torture in hell will awaits you.


Okay, that’s it. Just a little of the, is good enough hahahaha. I gotta go work. I have tons on my table to take care of hahahaha… see ya happy people… write down in comment if you have question. I will try my best to answer your question ^_^ ehehehehe


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