Muslim And Islam For Your Information

Hi there happy people.

I have tons in my mind about what people think about muslim.

Most of western people (European and American) hardly believe muslim in social life. Why? Because they think that MUSLIM is TERRORIST. BUT WAIT!! Why??? Why do these people think that way? Because they only knew what media told them, that’s the same as GETTING INFORMATION, BUT they know nothing about the real ISLAM is because these people seem not to really care about FINDING INFORMATION.

So… what’s the difference between “GETTING” and “FINDING” information? Getting means you only take information from others. ONLY. But finding means you really are trying to dig up the truth.

Muslims or the religion Islam is a religion that teach human to live side by side, not to hurt side by side. Why again? Because we were taught by our Prophet Muhammad that peace must comes first. A story from Phophet Muhammad that was told by my teacher.

The story told when Prophet Muhammad was once live in a city lived by a majority of non-muslim. The people rage towards Him because he keeps trying to spread out the religion of ISLAM. Every single day, everytime Prophet Muhammad pass by a certain road, there was a person who ALWAYS ALWAYS throws dirt (actually it’s poop) to Him, not only that, but that person also throws sarcasm words towards Him. But what did Prophet Muhammad did that time was totally out of my mind. Everytime that person throws the dirt, Prophet Muhammad only smiles back without saying anything. Prophet Muhammad’s friend was angry and sick of that person’s attitude (I’ll also be the same if I was His friend) but when he try to chase that person away, Prophet Muhammad stopped him. Until there comes a day where THAT PERSON never came and throws something towards Prophet Muhammad. What happened? That person was sick. Knowing it, Prophet Muhammad rushes his way to that person’s house to take a visit.

From that story above, where did the “MUSLIM TERRORIST IDEOLOGY” came from when we the children of Islam were taught to never abandon anyone, to never hurt anyone, to seek revenge, to be angry, and to be a killer?

I will continue this post along with the comments from readers. If you have anything to ask about us MUSLIM, please do not hesitate to ask. We muslim will always open our heart for those who wish to be friend


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