K-Pop Song For Those in Love

Being in love with a man and with these song hahahahaha…

These sweet songs will make you fly high and smile on your own.

Ah~ being in love is the most beautiful moment. Every, EVERY LITTLE THING looks beautiful. Even a smile will automatically formed its own without realizing. Perasaan itu ditambah lagu-lagu yang sweet~ seolah-olah sedang berada di dalam drama. Karena lagi rajin, aku buat list lagu-lagunya, nih. Tapi akan selalu aku update. Lagu-laguku pada hilang karena laptop lamaku telah wafat ╯︿╰

Baiklah, the list for my falling in love K-POP song adalah:
1. GOT7 – Just Right
2. BoA – Who Are You
3. SNSD – All My Love Is For You
4. SNSD – Lion Heart
5. Apink – Let Us Just Love
6. SoYou, Kwon Soonil, Park Yongin – Space Between
7. Sistar – Touch My Body
8. K.Will – Day 1
9. Jung Yong Hwa – You’ve Fallen for Me
10. Sistar – Loving You
11. G.Na ft Ilhoon (BTOB) – Oops!
12. K.Will – Love Blossom
13. BTOB – 2nd Confession
14. BEAST – You
15. Apink – Secret Garden
16. CN Blue – Sleepless Night
17. CN Blue – Can’t Stop
18. Hyorin – Falling


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