Manga Recommendation: Black Bird 18+


This manga is “OH MY GOSH!!!”

Why??? Because the story is just way too epic… especially the art for these boys hahahaha… so extremly handsoooooome *nosebleed from recalling them*

Awawawaw…… these boys are so handsome, so cool, so badass, and so so hahahaha

10 sexy tengus (demon) and more of theeeeeeem….


10 thoughts on “Manga Recommendation: Black Bird 18+

      1. Ahaha. Indeed. Many people compare the scenes on the last chapters to similar to “Breaking Dawn” (Twilight). I see what they mean. I’m happy with the way “Black Bird” ended. At least, you know what happens to them some years afterward.

      2. Me, too. I cried in some parts, but I get teary-eyed a lot when it comes to manga that I enjoy. “Black Bird” is not the best manga that I’ve ever read, but it’s certainly one of the most romantic and enjoyable.

      3. Any recommended teary manga? Please tell me! Please tell me! I’m looking for such manga now, but I can’t seem to find it T_T

        I really need those heart-wrecking storyline

      4. Definitely “Clannad”, if you haven’t read it already. “Bitter Virgin” also made me teary, but the atmosphere of that manga is a bit dark. I’m not sure if you’ll like that.

        I also recommend “Happy Marriage” (Hapi Mari). It’s comedy, but it has it’s drama moments that made me cry. It’s also romantic.

        Another favourite is “Boku no Chikyuu o Mamotte” (Please Save My Earth). It has a really great story–romance, fantasy, supernatural, and sci-fi. The art is old-style, so I’m not sure if you’ll like it. But if you get used to the art, the story is really good. Made me sob really hard.

        There are many others. But these are the ones that I recommend now. Enjoy!

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