Last night HE confess to me through his action. He loves me more than I love him. I can see it all through his face. I can feel it all through his attitude. I can understand it all through his words. This LOVE I longed for. The love I need. The only love I need from the only man I need.

But why does the alarm has to scream out LOUD????!!!! AAAAARRRRGGGHHH
“OKAY! OKAY! I’m awake now” and I realize that was all just a dream I had. I think I start missing him that he breakthrough my dream -_-||
I think I need to see him real soon. But I don’t have any of his contact, I don’t even know where is his house. It’s over right after High School graduation, I mean our contact whatsoever. But he did contact the other, why not me too? Aaahh– I’m getting lotsa problem lately. I keep recalling him everytime I’m down. No. Actually everytime I feel something. Ggggrrrr….

Why CAN’T I change my feeling to someone who care for me???? WHY????!!!!


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