Connected to wi-fi but can’t browse

Good day every sexy body y^o^y

Maybe, it’s just a maybe you guys have the same problem as me. Several days ago I was having a hard time with my OPPO MUSE because even though it’s connected to a wi-fi network at my office I couldn’t even open my BBM of Facebook  ̄ˍ ̄ and I almost throw my handphone cuz I’m too angry to be true hahaha

Some people said that I should change the setting of the connection. Try forgetting the wi-fi, change IP, reboot phone whatsoever but it’s crap.

Okay, after trying all of the suggestion, I was wondering if my phone’s IP is blocked by the server. Thus I recall hiding my IP but I don’t know what to do. After some time I try looking for application on Play Store and it works. Try using “Hide IP” app like mine. I’ll give the screen shot. The app is on left top.

Give it a try ^O^



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